Pogosta vprašanja & Odgovori

When should I order the invitations?

The entire process of designing and making of the wedding invitations usually takes two to four weeks, depending on the printing methods and chosen accessories. We suggest that you do not delay your order and thus ensure the wedding invitations arrive on time. You can use the timeline below to help you order the invitations on time. It has been based on our experience so far.


The timeline shows the optimal time for ordering wedding invitations based on the planned date of your wedding.

Ordered in September / Sent in October

Ordered in October / Sent in November

Ordered in November / Sent in December

Ordered in December / Sent in January

Ordered in January / Sent in February

Ordered in February / Sent in March

Ordered in March / Sent in April

Ordered in April / Sent in May

Ordered in May / Sent in June

Ordered in June / Sent in July

Ordered in July / Sent in August

Ordered in August / Sent in September

Can you rush my order?

Yes, we can often arrange rush orders. We suggest that you contact us as soon as possible and inform us of your desired date. If the process is feasible, we take your order as a priority for an additional fee.


How many invitations do I need?

We suggest one invitation per household, couple or individual, plus an extra 20%. This 20% allows for keepsakes and any last minute additions – as reprints can be very costly. Do not forget about your own keepsake copy of the invitation as well.


Can I order a sample?

You can make an appointment to take a look at our invitation samples and accessories.


Who sends out the invites?

In case you have ordered only wedding invitations (without the envelopes), we will send you a package of invitations to a provided address or arrange for a personal takeover.
When ordering both wedding invitations and the envelopes, there are two shipping options. Pre-packaged wedding invitations can be sent to you as a whole or sent by us to recipients. The price of the envelope already includes the production of the recipient's name and address.
In all the above cases, the shipping costs are subsequently added. 


How can I submit recipient addresses?

The sender's and the recipients’ details must be submitted in an organized Excel spreadsheet with the following columns: name, address, city/post office, postal code, country.


I have spotted a mistake. What should I do?

If the error is ours, we will correct your order free of charge. We are not responsible for grammatical errors that were confirmed by the customer upon final inspection of the invitations’ graphic design.