Poročna vabila Klasik so tradicionalnega izgleda, oblikovana z eno vrsto tipografije. Kolekcijo dopolnjuje okrasni venec, ki je lahko zgolj dekorativni element, lahko pa se dopolni z eno ali dvema inicialkama. Prostor z vencem je mogoče nadomestiti s personalizirano skico. Pozicije in tipografije besedila ni mogoče spreminjati.


You can write the content of your wedding invitation yourself or you can opt for the standard offer adjusted to your details (e.g. name, date and place). The placement and typography of the text cannot be changed. Wedding invitations can be complemented with one or more accessories and wedding envelopes. We recommend reading our Collection Guide, where you can find thorough overview of all the possible accessories, information regarding paper types and print options.

It is possible to order in packages only: 1 package equals 20 pcs invitations.
You can order quantities based on the following pattern: 2 packages = 40 pcs, 3 packages = 60 pcs etc.

When placing your enquiry do not forget to include the following information:
• Quantity of the invitations (number of packages)
• Paper type and edge style
• Print method and colour
• Preferred embellishments and colours
• Quantity and colour of the envelopes

In case you cannot decide what accessories to choose, you can always ask us. We are always happy to help you create the perfect wedding invitations for you and your wedding theme.